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download it. Try it. It’s FREE anyway.

Your biggest risk: having fun
sending Quotes with Images as creative cards ; )




5. …see much more




WHAT it is:

QuoteGuru® is an iPad Quote app + Card app.

It’s slick. Innovative. Intuitive. Contextual. Fun. Engaging. Social. Empowering.


HOW it’s different:

from other quotation apps as it includes:

1. hand-PICKED quotes + images

2. more CONTENT monthly (free + in-app packs)

3. CONTEXTUAL quotes

4. tool to COLLAGE words with images

5. the only 3D movable object menu of any iOS app (see/touch it to believe it)

6. …see much more in Features list ; )



QuoteGuru® Quote like never before, through Living Quotes™

You are what you Think. Words carry a vibrational power.


iOS 4/5 on iPad 1/2


QuoteGuru is alive…




01. WHEEL: touch iOS’ 1st moveable tool ; )…no more menus–just a realistic 3D object

02. 1st Quote app with iPad2 CAM import

02. QUALITY + original + constant Content

03. access 100s of hand-selected QUOTES on varied subjects

04. SYNC more free quotes each month

05. DOWNLOAD more with (¢99) In-App-Purchase QuotePacks

06. access free hand-selected quote background images & SYNC more each month

07. DOWNLOAD more high quality, hand-picked  (¢99) In-App-Purchase ImagePacks

08. or use OWN Albums & iPad cam for your image supply ; )

09. BROWSE or search through quote database by category or author

10. CREATE DYNAMICALLY through touch interaction:

create gorgeous QuoteCards as you drag up to 10 quotes on multiple (5 max) images

11. COLLAGE: mix quotes with images for unique inspirational or humorous combinations

12. SAVE QuoteCards (with or without background images) within app Library or in iPad Album

13. BROWSE your old cards in: thumbnail Grid view or Full Screen (continuous zoom)

14. EDIT old cards

15. IMPORT images from iPad Album

16. EXPORT cards as png

17. SHARE cards or words socially

send Quotes or Context as text (selectable copy/paste) or as Card with background image(s)

18. SHOW OFF your quotable art

19. RESIZE images + quote boxes

20. PRINT: through iOS AirPrint (your printer must be AirPrint-compatible)

21. UPLOAD (eMail / flickr / FaceBook / Twitter / DropBox)

22. 1st iPad quote CONTEXT app

“A picture or is worth 1000 words or a quote a 1000 images, indeed.

But historic & Zeitgeist context changes meanings!”

Click Info button to open Context info to appreciate the deeper meanings of life!

23. 1st iPad Quote “EDUTAINING” app.

QuoteGuru educates & entertains. Why waste “empty” quotes? Without context they could be misused. Understand their true meaning. Correlate your viewing/learning experience.

Add the passion & soul back to quotes. Touch Quotes™. Reference deeper facts not hype or rumors.

Break cross-cultural boundaries. Free Creativity. Release truth.

QuoteGuru’s iAdventures let you discover quotes randomly.

The web is swell for accessing everything. But it’s useless, lest it’s organized into a simple yet sophisticated viewing/learning experience. Gestalt + Zeitgeist included.

You are what you each in thoughts. Be what you say. Old quotes should not be dead.  They live. Breathe them through QuoteGuru. Bring out the Quote Guru in you. Quote with style & full understanding.

With QuoteGuru you live your quotes

24. 1st quote app with RATINGS

25. 1st quote app COUNTER (total + search result count)

26. DELETE: trash creations you don’t want through iOS-like wiggle Xs

27. out-of-the-way UI . Clutter-free. Menu-free. Manual-free.

Features are there when & where you need. Less actions, less ergonomic issues.

28. optimized SEARCH: Author / Tags /  Notes / Categories

29. HELP Overlays (tips, info & direct live support links)

30. INSPIRING (UI + content + features)

So, go ahead! Use it, Breathe it. Have fun!


QuoteGuru is REAL.

It’s ueber-practical. Solves problems. No hype. Aesthetic. User-evolved.


QuoteGuru is innovative…


1436 Germany’s Printing Press is the world’s 2nd democratic invention

(after the Neanderthal wheel ; )

1984 Desktop Publishing launched the PC revolution with Apple’s Mac Classic.

1989 WWW launched free power (thanks to Britain’s Sir Tim Berners-Lee)

1994 real user-friendly software is only born after Kai Krause touches the UI

i.e.  MetaTools-MetaCreation’s KPT, Goo, Soap, Bryce

2004 Web 2.0 launched practical software (vs bloatware)

2007 June 29, Apple simplifies practical software to the bone. Real-istic Tools.

2008 July 10, Apple Apps revolutionize mobile computing.

2011 QuoteGuru takes Apple’s sublime efforts in iOS

but gives all the practical power to the users,

through iSteve simplicity, Kaiesque evolution & fun.

In other words: the most modern, state-of-the-art quote app,

or quote source anywhere, on-line or off.

Be the Quote Guru you deserve…


QuoteGuru is alive…


01. iCLOUD.

it will be immediately available once Apple reveals exactly what iCloud will offer in features


view your QuoteCards or  Images in animation

03. many more goodies, unique features we can’t reveal to competition,

but that you will benefit from as we update and/or upgrade the app each month!

04. your wish is our command!

express yourself. we’ll do our best to incorporate them NeXT : )

QuoteGuru is at your service…


the more objectively constructive you critique QuoteGuru®, the better & faster we can serve you, by creating the world’s most “custom-made” app for you.


Perfection never exists. but Evolution does, if not Revolution. the Best we can do is listen to you.


So, feedback welcome!

you have plenty of ways to contact us:

1. Contact: simply fill in the form on Contact page

2. eMailinfo@QuoteGuruApp.com

3. Support: click on menu’s support link

4. Social: communicate through FaceBook, Twitter etc.

by clicking social icon on the top left browser window edge


with your objective critique, you not only augment your own Quote expertise, but add fun & quality content to your conversations & life, which only adds to the power at the Touch of your finger tips.


remember. Live your Quotes™.


Thank you, enjoy!